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30 September 2017​



Triumph Hotel Guest Reviews from TripAdvisor​

“Best Customer Service in Myanmar”​

The  hotel  property,  rooms,  and  restaurant  are  worthy  of  3-4  stars,  but  the  customer  service  at  the Triumph Hotel makes this an outstanding 5 star hotel. From the moment you enter the property, you 
are  treated  like  a  VIP.  The  hotel  has  a  sign  welcoming  you,  and  you  are  immediately  greeted  with lemongrass tea. The front desk has employees that speak perfect English, and they were prepared for 
the arrival (unlike other hotels in Myanmar). What made the stay unique, however, was the customer service. 
1. On the day that we arrived, there was a Buddha festival next door with loud music. The hotel called 
our room and asked if we wanted to be moved due to the adjacent music, and they immediately sent 
several employees to help us pack and move our luggage.
2.  The  restaurant  several  times  prepared  items  not  on  the  menu  for  us.  In  addition  to  making 
vegetarian friendly meals, they made us fried bananas which were not on the menu simply because we 
asked about them.
3.  The  hotel  offers  free  drinks  nightly  for  happy  hour.  In  addition,  due  to  the  noise  from  the  Buddha 
Festival and Independence Day celebrations, the hotel gave free wine and drinks to us. 
The rooms are clean but dated. The location is a bit out of the way, but it is not a problem for people 
with transportation or a guide. My wife loved the massage at the spa. The complimentary cultural show 
was  nothing  special,  but  it  was  entertaining  over  dinner.  It  was  such  a  pleasure  to  have  staff  truly 
dedicated to creating a great experience. I would stay here again simply for the outstanding customer 
Other Comments:
1.  The  Wi-Fi  at  the  hotel  was  free  and  the  best  that  we  had  in  Myanmar.  I  was  able  to  stream  live 
games from the US, and it was very reliable. 
2. The complimentary breakfast is average but satisfactory.
3. The hotel accepts credit cards. This is not true for all hotels in Myanmar.​

MDDad from Gainesville, Florida
Level 5 Contributor (January 4, 2016)

“Good place to stay in Mandalay”

In  a  quiet  area  of  busy  Mandalay...a  little  oasis.  Very  friendly  staff,  with  a  special  thank  you  to  May who gave us a room upgrade and  arranged a driver for two days of sightseeing...(it's very  difficult  to get around the city without a driver, busy roads, no public transport) Rooms were spacious and clean... maybe  due  an  update  soon,  but  perfect  for  us.  Breakfast  was  very  good,  by  the  pool...  and  a complimentary cocktail happy hour was a welcome perk. We also enjoyed  lunch at  the hotel. Overall, I'd recommend the Triumph and would stay again.

CalzLondon from London
Level 4 Contributor (December 4, 2016)

“Great value for families”

BharathiMani from Bengaluru, India
Level 6 Contributor (January 2, 2017)

A nice hotel with good facilities. The swimming pool is large and inviting. The free drinks from 5:30 pm -  6:30 pm were thoroughly enjoyed! The rooms are humongous and  can be occupied by four people. 
Bathrooms were decent. Hotel breakfast was a tad bit disappointing. Staff was helpful and attentive.

30 Sep2017​

+95-2-61145,61146, +95-9-777655593​​

4-star international standard hotel in Mandalay

+95-2-61145,61146, +95-9-777655593​

4-star international standard hotel in Mandalay